A God amongst Men


Evolution has proved a difficult puzzle for us to solve. It did not give the Stoics any issues because nobody had even heard of it. They still knew though, that something very special was at the heart of it all, they called it the Logos. Everything goes back to the logos – or balance. And that is what we, as Stoics, are trying to do – balance our minds. We know that we will be met with difficult situations but we never want to lessen the happiness of anyone else. And that’s what being a man is all about – Balancing your mind then balances your life.

What man, about today, would best describe a man behaving as a man should? The answer might not be what you think – it’s Conor McGregor.  All through his journey he believed in himself –but it was pure self-belief, not arrogance (well maybe sometime but we’re all human). When he is at work he gets the job done. When he trains, he trains harder than anyone but still has the craic with the lads (thats fun in irish not an illeagal narcotic). When he is out in public he behaves like a true gentleman and gives his fans the time they deserve. He loves his childhood sweetheart, and she loves him. She has stuck by him all these years- because she believed in him too. She was the companion every Hero needs.

And then what happened when he found out his wife to be was pregnant? He put it up a gear because it’s the next generations he’s thinking of now. His goal of proving to himself that he was special paid off because of one reason, and one reason only – because she believed in him too. When a couple are in love and they believe in each other – magic happens. When a couple are in love they create logos and they join each other for the heroic journey through life. That is what Conor and Dee are doing. They are going on the magical journey through life as a couple. If a hero is allowed to follow his instincts with the full belief and backing of his wife as even partners – he will eventually bring home the bacon, not just any bacon, the power of two people together makes the treasure all the more amazing.

Conor was brought up in Ireland around the same time as me – the other end of the country though – and a whole other world. He was a city boy and I am your typical middle-Ireland country boy. I would have been a great athlete myself, but the dreaded fear stopped me. The fact that I was a deep thinker was my downfall. Instead of trusting my instincts I stayed indecisive and froze. This almost shattered me mentally in the following years. I couldn’t get over the fact that I let myself down in front of everybody. I wanted to prove, so badly, to everybody else, that I was a worthwhile human being. I ended up losing my soul in the process.

But all was not lost. I had a woman who was willing to go through hell with me. She was willing to bare the horror of watching a soul-less young man force his way through life until he eventually found himself in himself. It took over 15 years of a rollercoaster ride before, you could say, her logos and my logos finally settled into a stable rhythm. She showed more patience than any human should ever need to show. She showed virtue as best she could – she was stoic. It was her Stoicism that gave me enough space to find for myself, in the madness of my mind – a worthy goal.

My goal then, was to find a solution to why young men are committing suicide. And the only solution as far as I can tell, is this – find a young woman that believes in you for who you are, and not for what you’ve got or what you do. Treat her like a real lady and not a like a bloody skivvy. If she truly loves you, her belief in you will not wane and you both then, after the struggle, eventually go to the stars together, experiencing your lives and the lives of your children, as one.

And….just on that point….. we are all trying to raise young heroes, not young brutes. Everyone needs to show humility – that’s the beauty of virtue and the Stoic Way. And you can tell when someone is not being virtuous. That’s why all this shit about hustle, hustle hustle is nonsense. Be virtuous, have pure thoughts, and work for the common good with your life partner. That’s it.

All along the journey, I had the perfect woman….. I just needed was a Hero to inspire me to want to live again……thank you Conor.


Vincent Kennedy

Author, In the Centre Lies Virtue